Nordigen Accelerates AI through the Intel® AI Builders Program

Nordigen worked closely with Intel engineers to test our machine learning solution in Intel’s development environment and implemented various optimisations designed for well-known machine learning algorithms to achieve optimal performance.

Our challenge was looking for ways to improve model performance for our application, Scoring Insights, which focuses on credit scoring. The Scoring Insights generates predictive modelling from bank account transaction data, which allows banks, lenders and fintech companies to use bank account and open banking data for building credit scoring models or rule-based engines to calculate the probability of a customer defaulting on a loan.

Our data science team constantly updates, tunes and improves the underlying models that power Scoring Insights, and aims to achieve maximum performance. While working in the development environment provided by Intel AI Builders, Nordigen’s data science team ran tests to find ways to improve the models’ predictive capabilities. The team used the latest version of the popular gradient boosting algorithm, XGBoost, and 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors to successfully achieve improved training times compared to our baseline.

The strong collaboration with Intel’s engineering team and consulting on software optimisations allowed us to gain improvements faster, and find a better parameter set to boost overall model performance. The main benefit from using Intel’s AI stack was speed. Intel’s optimisations enabled Nordigen’s data science teams to train and hyper-tune models faster, perform tests with bigger parameter spaces, and evaluate new approaches, all of which contributed to achieving better performance.

“We are glad to welcome Nordigen, the first independent software vendor from Latvia, to Intel’s AI Builder program,” said Peter Baker, Vice President of datacenter ecosystem engineering at Intel. “The improved performance from running its AI-based credit scoring application on our Xeon servers, along with software optimisations, will benefit many of Nordigen’s customers and the consumers who use those financial services.”

About Intel

Intel needs no introduction when it comes to the tech industry. Founded back in 1968, Intel started its legacy by producing microprocessors for computer system manufacturers for the biggest, most acknowledged tech companies in the industry.

With a vision of being the trusted performance leader that unleashes the potential of data, Intel leads the industry constantly innovating in cloud computing, data center, Internet of things, AI, and PC solutions.

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Open banking analytics platform for building powerful applications and customer experiences. All-in-one integration for data acquisition and data analytics.

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Open banking analytics platform for building powerful applications and customer experiences. All-in-one integration for data acquisition and data analytics.

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